Within this Study Hub, researchers promote studies related to different subjects: fire propagation and fire impacts, also under a climate change context, fuel management (i.e. prescribed burning, pyrosylviculture), sustainable management of forest ecosystems services (e.g. biodiversity, economic), as well as coordination, strengthening and networking of innovation in fire management. This Study have will include three regions: 1) Sardinia, with mixed Mediterranean vegetation and a high incidence of large wildfires (e.g. the Montiferru fire in July 2021 burned ca 13,000ha); 2) Piemonte, alpine vegetation and complex topography, increasingly more extreme events; 3) Tuscany: temperate dry heaths and a surface of mixed severity wildfire regions, with 30-50 years return intervals.

In these regions a range of activities within WP1, WP2 and WP4 will be offered such as experiments and data collection on carbon dynamics and biodiversity, as well as modelling activities on wildfire propagation and smoke emission simulation in Mediterranean ecosystems. Within this SH there will be a plenary meeting and FIRE-ADAPT Conference in Alghero.